Spain as we all know is a popular holiday destination for tourists around the world. This amazing country enjoys pleasant Mediterranean weather and gorgeous panoramic views of the countryside and sea. Along with being a great holiday destination, Spain is the perfect wedding destination. There are some amazing wedding venues all around the country for hosting a wedding and making memories that will last a lifetime! From pre-wedding shenanigans to your honeymoon, Spain is a great country to celebrate some quality time with your partner. While in this stunning country, you can enjoy your time at the beautiful beaches and its nightlife. Also, there are many cultural areas and historic cities that you can visit while in the country.

The backdrop of a great geographic and cultural diversity forms an amazing setup to organize a wedding. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, Spain is a great destination all year round. You can have a beach wedding with a large crowd or go for a quieter wedding ceremony.

In this blog, we will highlight a few of the top wedding locations in Spain you should know. All these locations are unique in their way and will provide a great experience.

  • ¬†Sunset Beach Club

If you want to have a sunny beachside wedding, then don’t look further than the Sunset Beach Club. This resort is a popular venue for organizing weddings in Spain. It offers beautiful panoramas of the coast of Malaga that provide an amazing bright blue background to the seaside wedding ceremony. The best aspect about this venue is that you will get both indoor as well as outdoor seating. Here you will be able to enjoy the perks of a complete wedding package from a pre-wedding stay to the honeymoon suite! You will get a personal wedding planner in this resort who will organize the perfect wedding for you. All these things make the Sunset Beach Club the best beach wedding venue in Spain.

  • Villa Nicolai

Villa Nicolai is the best wedding villa in Spain and has everything that one could ask for in a destination wedding. The stunning Spanish Hacienda is situated in the town of Nerja on the Costa del Sol giving your guests a great opportunity to enjoy the scenic town. Here the mountains rush to meet the sea. There is a lot that your guests can do like exploring the caves of Nerja and enjoying Burriana Beach. In the Villa, you can enjoy spectacular views of the mountain and the sea. All the services that you need for your wedding will be provided which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Casa La Siesta

Casa La Siesta is the perfect rustic chic place for getting married in Spain.

This beautiful boutique hotel has seven tranquil bedrooms along with two stylish and secluded self-catering stays. Your guests can unwind, relax, and indulge in a few local activities ranging from hiking, cycling, surfing, horse riding, and sherry tasting. The team at Casa La Siesta can help you in arranging any of these. The entire hotel can be booked for exclusive stays and weddings. Casa La Siesta is tucked away in the Cadiz countryside. Food and drinks are what make the whole experience at the Casa La Siesta memorable. Guests over here can also enjoy the finest possible produce from local suppliers and artisans.

  • Can Morato

The Can Morato is a beautiful fortified farmhouse located in the Catalan countryside. It is only half an hour away from the bustling city of Barcelona. The venue has been there since the 11th century and was renovated by Lluis Gari who was a Gaudi disciple and has also worked on the Sagrada Familia! This farmhouse has all the modern and luxurious amenities of the 21st century and boasts of being the best wedding venue in Spain. Can Morato is a dreamy equestrian estate and is a quick drive from Barcelona. Nestled between beautiful national parks, the strong history and rustic details of the house make it the perfect location for romantic weddings in a serene setting.

  • La Cala Resort

The La Cala Resort situated in the town of Mijas is the perfect place where the countryside meets luxury. This is one of the top wedding venues in Spain due to the combination of a luxury hotel with expansive verdant lawns. Both these make it perfect for a wedding ceremony. There are excellent spa facilities in the hotel where you and your guests can relax after the wedding. Your guests will be quite happy with the great wedding buffet that the La Cala Resort offers. Over here you don’t have to worry about any aspect as all the required facilities and support will be provided to you in order to ensure success.

  • Atzaro Agroturismo

Ibiza is known all around the world for its wild parties. However, it’s not just about the parties. The Atzaro Agroturismo is a premier luxury wedding venue in Spain. Its bespoke wedding planning and exquisite wedding menu are what sets it apart from the other wedding locations. Located in the midst of an orange farm, the Atzaro captures the amazing Spanish country life. From celebrating your bachelorette party in the clubs of Ibiza, you can head straight to the quaint resort to taking your vows! Atzar√≥ Agroturismo is the best rural luxury hotel in Ibiza and offers an authentic and unique island experience. The hotel provides a great combination of authentic Ibiza heritage and the surrounding nature. Along with it, the hotel retains the luxurious feel making it the best and most popular Agriturismo in Ibiza.

In the End

All the wedding locations that are highlighted above are unique in their way and will provide you with a memorable experience. Based on your preference, you can choose a venue that matches your interest and the wedding theme that you have in mind. It will enable you to collect and cherish the memories that will last for a lifetime.

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